Merit/Sundressed Double Release Show!

Hey all. We've slacked a bit with blog posts lately (a.k.a. this being the very first one), but we are very proud to announce the release show for our upcoming EP "The Comfort and The Confusion". The EP is the second installment in our three EP trilogy pioneered by last March's "The Sun Will Rise". More in-depth details about the release of the EP will be coming very soon i.e. format, quantity, merchandise, etc.

Head over to the Facebook event page for additional details about the release show and to mark that you're coming!

In other news, the Diamondbacks still suck, the WNBA is weird, ISIS will maybe probably blow everything ever up, and Dain made all of us jealous by attending a Goonies festival in Astoria, OR where the movie was filmed. We have a big summer and an even bigger fall planned ahead and we can't wait to see all of you homies all along the west coast on the next tour!

As always, please don't be shy and come chat with us at shows or wherever else you happen to find us drinking too many PBR's. Stay safe out there, fools.


Nick, Dain, Kris, & Cooper